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Know Your Organizational Culture

What is the culture and character of your organization?

Organizational Culture

Culture-Strategy Fit surveys bring the culture factors which create your organization’s uniqueness to life by illustrating their strength and the way they operate to accelerate strategy, deliver the brand or create culture drag

We do this through research-based, data-driven surveys and other assessment methods that help you gain insights into your culture and corporate character and the cultural dynamics that support or impede delivery of purpose, brand promise and new goals.

The outcome is clear understanding of culture distinctiveness and risk, clarity of priority areas for attention and engagement of leaders in shaping culture by design, not default.

The Culture Snapshot™

The Culture Snapshot is a broad and deep survey that reveals the strength of organizational culture patterns (organizational and leader practices, group norms of behavior and beliefs) that strongly influence organization vitality and the success of strategic direction and goals.

Based on constructs developed from widely respected and validated national and organizational research, it looks at a range of culture dimensions to uncover culture strengths and areas for improvment in innovation, collaboration, productivity, agility and other strategic capabilities. 

Leading Culture Snapshot™

The Leading Culture Snapshot™ is a full circle feedback or self-assessment tool that examines dimensions of leader behavior from a culture and systems point of view. It provides leaders with new kinds of insights into the way their behaviors impact the culture in their own network.

Culture change requires changes to practices and behaviors. This tool is a powerful means to develop and coach leaders in their organizational leadership role and to track behavior change in leadership groups over time.

There are many excellent personal and team leadership tools to choose from - this tool uniquely provides feedback on the way the leader is creating culture through his or her behaviors and practices. 



“Executives will have to invest more and more on issues such as culture, values, ethos, and intangibles. Instead of managers, they need to be cultivators and storytellers to capture minds.” Leif Edvinsson


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